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Aligning technical solutions with client-driven business value



First, let’s discover your problem. Not necessarily define it, as many kinds of problems defy early definitions, but to scope it out. Where does your problem fit on a scale of 1 to 10, where a tame problem rates 1 and a wicked problem rates 10 (Rittel & Webber, and Russel Ackoff). How is it being addressed or solved by your competitors? What would your solution look like? Who’s going to be the primary beneficiary of your solution? Is RayShaper fully qualified to help you develop a solution? Who else needs to be on the team?


The answers will help to choose the right development path and deliver results that best fit your requirements.

Lunettes VR


RayShaper is a new company, yet our people are not new to product development. Our researchers, developers, and managers have decades-long experience in the technology, media, and telecom (TMT) sector. Our R&D services provide flexible, fast, and effective solutions in a bottom-up manner.

RayShaper’s development process centers on incremental value-creation. We divide the totality of the envisioned solution into small functions and ensure each is a value-bearing feature of the whole. Then we build from the bottom upward. This agile process is the most effective way to transform a concept into reality.


Business constraints mean that it often takes too long and costs too much to wait for the “final” solution. So we organize our projects to deliver client-centric value quickly and frequently.


We develop platform-based solutions and then improve them over time — function by function, feature by feature. We organize projects into short weekly or biweekly milestones. This approach enables our clients to get recurrent tangible progress and become active participants in our value-creation activities.

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